About me

I'm a counselor and psychotherapist who works with adults and young people.  I offer 1-1 and group therapy, Clinical supervision, teaching on counselling courses and couples counselling. I have a credible professional reputation in the public service sector and have been working with adults and young people for the last 20 years. I'm also accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. My approach is non-judgmental and I offer a secure and nurturing therapeutic space to help you through your difficulties at your own pace.


I work with all issues that can cause distress for people and have lot of experience of working with the effects of trauma. Also as I have been working in the field along time I have alot of experience in most areas of difficulty. My service report for my part time counselling job indicated I have a 86 % success rate.

I believe in allowing people the space to explore what they need in the time they need to do this. People always comment on my warm and nurturing presence and my ability to really understand what they are going through.

If you feel this sounds right for you then call me on the number or drop me an email. I will conduct a small telephone referral assessment before we begin the work. In which we will set the time for your first session.

Clinical Supervision

I started clinically supervising counsellors in their practice in 2012 and have work with them on a number of dilemmas. I work to the BACP ethical frame work and statuary law and support the counsellor to reflect on these frame works and how their practice fits within the dynamic of law, organisation and the BACP Ethical framework. High lightening to them where appropriate how their own incongruences gets in the way of effectively assessing and responding to their clients and the dilemmas arising out of the work they are doing.

I have worked with supervisee’s on dilemmas such as Suicidal ideation, relapses in substances abuse recovery, managing and risk assessing self-harm, flagging with line mangers clients who are at risk and need additional support, failure of placements and long term illness. I have given the counsellor support and guidance but always working to empower the counsellor’s internal locus of evaluation so they become effective at dealing with the limitless challenges that arises out of the work.

I believe in providing people best possible service for their money. That's why I am very disciplined with my own care. As scientific research highlights that therapist engaged in their own psychological health through mindfulness or other practices similar are more in-tune with their clients empathically.

As a teacher of counselling I understand that ethically it is important that you are in the best of health so you can support someone else. As it effects the ability to offer the conditions nesscary for change to happen.

You pay for a high quality service when choosing me as your therapist and I will always be geniune and caring and most importantly treat you with respect and dignity.

You will always find me helpful when you email me and

From that point on you make the decision yourself.