Men's Mental Health

therpay4u is offering a warm and friendly space for men to come and talk, it will be challenging but rewarding on a number levels. I have a great deal of experience with working with men, who are struggling with depression and loneliness in a world that is becoming less familiar to them. right from a young age men are taught to be strong and never to show their weakness to other men.

This philosophy is out of date and is causing men to take their own lives because they feel trapped and isolated. This group will break this trend and allow men to support one another to go to places psychologically they have never been before. although this is challenging and takes a great deal of trust in the group to support it. the reward is the reclaiming of your sense of the masculine.

This can take a number of beautiful forms that have none to do with the topical archetypes shown to us as men from out society. it a vital space and need for the world and you can be part of that growing awareness in the world today. this is not just a therapy group but a place of discovering the masculine that truly lives within.

The Men’s group with be located in Norwich and Great Yarmouth and will run every week. the groups will start when i have 10 participants and new members after that will be integrated via a few weeks of 1-1 therapy with myself.

If your interested it is £20 per session and the group starts once we have ten in number. My email address: